Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Things Take Time

"Good things take time. Impossible things take a little longer." 
-Percy Cerutty (famous running coach)

Fits with my recent running philosophy focusing on developing aerobic fitness.  Lydiard, Maffetone, Van Aaken, and now Cerutty.  Actually, Percy was the first in this line of great distance coaches. Glad my current thinking falls in line with the greats from the past. No short cuts in running. You need time to develop your aerobic potential.  If you want to be a better runner, run more.  Run need for speed until you've laid that solid aerobic foundation!  Feel free to dream the impossible...but give it time to happen.


KrishKrash said...

Hey Chris,

I came across Paul Cerruty in the book the Perfect Mile, and am now trying to get hold of his biography "Why die" by Graem Sima. The book seems out of print with just 5 used copies available on Amazon @ USD 100+ !

Appreciate if you know where one can get this book. PS :I am a distance runner too, living in Singapore, and run in Vibram Bikilas.

Chris said...

I've seen the book at used book stores on the web for over $100. Crazy! Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I really like my Bikilas.

Hope your running is going well in Singapore.