Thursday, September 15, 2011

McNotAgain 30 Miler is Back!

McNotAgain 30 mile trail race is back this fall!

Let me rephrase that statement...I will be back again for the McNotAgain 30 mile trail race!!!

The race will be held at McNaughton Park in Pekin, IL on October 29, 2011.  This will be the third year for the event.  The previous race director, Mike Siltman, told me earlier this year that he wouldn't be continuing the race...but the race survives!  CITRA (part of the Illinois Valley Striders) has taken it over and they should keep that "home town" feel that drew me to the event the first two years. I look forward to coming back YET AGAIN to the McNotAgain race.  Good news. If you aren't ready for the 30 miler, they still have the one-loop 10-mile alternative. This is your chance to experience the great 10-mile McNaughton Park trail loop in the nice fall weather...without the nasty spring mud that normally accompanies the Potawatomi 50-100-150 mile race each April.

So my fall ultra schedule is now getting full:

Sept 18: Evergreen Lake 50K
Oct 8: Farmdale 33 Miler
Oct 29: McNotAgain 30 Miler

Wish me good luck. I may need it by October 29. Should be a nice series of races to test out my new Altra Instinct shoes...if they get their web site back up and operating so I can buy a pair!  Main Altra web site is up, but not the product pages. Darn.


Joshua said...

damn, did the site just go down? i was just about to order a pair of adams. i hadn't really thought much about the instincts but if i like the adams, i definitely may consider a pair of the instincts for a longer distance shoe. definitely give me your hands on impression if you ever get a hold of a pair

Chris said...


I need a pair of zero drop shoes with a _bit_ more cushion and protection for the longer ultras--50, 100K, 100 mile races. Figure the Altra Instinct might be perfect. I have my eye on the Altra Adam too! If I ever get through to the web site (maybe I'll just call the 800 number) I'll order and then do a shoe review.

John said...

Cool! I was bummed when I saw that it was cancelled. I'll probably do either the 30-miler or Allerton. Hope to see you somewhere this fall.

Chris said...


McNotAgain or Allerton? Why not both? One Sat, one Sun!

Ian said...

Good luck Chris

Ian said...

Hey Chris: You know Mary Gorski. Everyone knows Mary. You are not on the Dartmouth Ultra list but Mary posted a review there of the Altra shoes a few weeks ago. I'll send it to you via email. Well come from my gmail account so check junk mail incase. I'll see if I can include all the replies she got!

Chris said...

Hi Ian,

I am on the ULTRA list--don't read it every day, but I try to catch up each weekend. I'll search for Mary's post.

Ben S said...

Hi Chris, I just got a pair of Altra Instincts from the local running store in Lansing, MI. They are GREAT! No groundfeel, but that doesn't matter to me on pavement. They are extremely comfortable and otherwise perfect. I'm using them for long slow runs on pavement and plan to get Icetrekkers, Katoola Microspikes, or Yaktrax to use with them in the winter months. BTW - the running streak ended after 228 days. I've run everyday since then. I'll update you more soon with my new plan. Gotta get some sleep. I'm pacing the 8:00 group in the Capital City River Run half marathon dressed as a cowboy tomorrow morning.

Chris said...


Congrats on keeping that run streak going for so long. Hope you enjoy running as a cowboy and pacer! Glad you like the Instincts...mine are due to arrive on Monday.