Wednesday, December 14, 2011

21 Days and Counting

My winter running streak has now reached 21 days. That's THREE FULL WEEKS!  I'm happy. Next week it'll be a full month. That seems like an accomplishment. The plan is to go for 100 days straight (running at least one mile continuously per day). So far, my shortest run has been 2 miles, the longest was 10 miles. Pretty basic running. If I keep it up for 100 days, I'll emerge into March with a fine aerobic base and I'll be ready to race (tentatively, I plan on running the Land Between the Lakes Marathon on March 10).

A few buffalo trail running friends have joined me on this streak. Started with 16 comrades...we are down to 11 today. Not too bad. I hope I can make it the full 100 days (stopped at 95 days last winter)...and I hope a few colleagues make it too! Based on last year's failure, I know it's important to keep my ego in check. It's too easy for me to start pushing the pace and doing speed work when I should be keeping it nice and aerobic. Instead of the "Summer of Malmo," I need a "Winter of Maffetone." More details coming about my specific training plan for this winter.  It'll be heart rate based with lots of slow-paced running.

Of course, 21 days is just 21 days.  It's not that impressive.  I need to be cautious and not do anything stupid.  Gotta keep the streak alive!  

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