Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop Censorship of the Web

We need to keep this blog free and open...and all the other web sites that are awesome and meaningful to us all. Sign the petition to stop censorship:

Let's end piracy, not liberty.

I probably violated some kind of copyright by posting the above graphic from Google! Yikes. Oh well, at least I'm circulating something they believe in and giving them credit. That ain't so bad, right? Steal as much as you want from this blog...give me credit if you think I deserve it. Sign and circulate the petition link. Thanks.


Ian said...

Agreeded. Notice FOX owner is one of the people behind this. Same company that hacked people's phones in UK/Europe. OK back to running.

Chris said...

Back to running indeed! If Fox is involved, I oppose it. Now...back to running.