Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ramblings of a Walker

Well, my calf is still hurting and I haven't run since last Thursday. You'd think a week off would heal me up!  I am about to head off to southern California with two running buddies.  Fortunately for me, we are scheduled to do long HIKES every day...but little or no running.  We'll go up 10,068 foot Mt Baldy (officially Mount San Antonio) once or twice, hike Catalina Island, and probably do a bit of beach running. Maybe hiking a mountain, drinking on the beach, and time away from work will miraculously heal my calf.  I can dream.  After skipping both the Land Between the Lakes Marathon and Potawatomi 50 Miler, I'm anxious to get back to training...and eventually racing. For now, I'm a walker, hiker, drifter. One day I'll be a runner again.

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