Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Summary (April 2-8)

Here is a brief recap of last week's running via Garmin Connect data:

 Count: 6 Activities
 Distance: 43.42 mi
 Avg Distance: 7.24 mi
 Time: 7:53:08 h:m:s
 Avg Speed: 5.5 mph
 Max Speed: 9.6 mph
 Avg HR: 122 bpm
 Max HR: 158 bpm
 Avg Run Cadence: 75 spm
 Max Run Cadence: 93 spm
 Elevation Gain: 999 ft
 Calories: 5,355 C

Overall, not a terrible week. The running pact with Jeff is broken, but I plan on accumulating lots of aerobic miles over the next weeks and months. I'll supplement with several bouts of gentle strides each week--barefoot on grass. My trusty Garmin watch and HR monitor will be with me all the time...but not telling me what to do...just documenting the journey.


Ruairi said...

keep plugging away, i know you will. :) i recently turned to the darkside (barefoot running), done an easy 5k the day after Clinton at the UI Arboretum and it went well.

I'll try some more after the marathon. Happy running!

Chris said...

Barefoot running? Awesome!

Good luck at the marathon.