Friday, July 20, 2012

Grand Experiment Halted, New One Begun

My grand experiment, in which I left the details unspoken, has been halted. My right arch was not willing to go along for the ride. Sad.  It had potential, but the darn experiment didn't even last a full 2 days. Maybe I can re-institute the plan later.

Today, the Riddler told me to run with  Of course, he was in big clunky shoes.  We ran 4 miles. More accurately, we walked 2 miles and ran 2 miles. My bare feet cooperated. I even kept pace with my shod friend. Three hours after the run, my feet still feel good.  They are alive and tingly. Kind of like they have awoken from a long slumber. Will they be willing participants in a new, revised, experiment tomorrow?

Time will tell. I'll keep you posted. While it's still hot in central Illinois (high 90s almost every single day), it's not Badwater hot (like the photo here--me barefoot at Badwater in Death Valley with air temps around 125).

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