Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Back (Sorta)

I'm back to least more than I have been in the last 4 weeks.  It's been a struggle balancing work, vacation, and running over the last month.  Running has taken a back seat to everything else.  Plus, it's been hot and humid around central Illinois--which makes it easy to skip runs. I feel tired all the time anyway...and the heat doesn't help. I'm at the tail-end of a cold that I caught in Greece. If I can finally get healthy, things will turn around and I'll become more optimistic.

Now that July is here, I'm re-dedicating myself to daily running.  Even if it's slow, or short, I'll get out every single day and do some running. I only have 40 days until the 8-Hour Howl at the Moon race. Not sure 40 days is enough to get back into shape.  I think I can be fit again in 6 weeks, but not "ultra running fit"--not sure what that means for my race.  There is virtually no way I can achieve my 50 mile goal in 8 hours...even if the heat and humidity break. I already have 469 "lifetime" Howl race miles...only 31 more to break 500!  That is my new goal.  It is realistic and still a reasonable accomplishment (50km or more seems laudable no matter what the race). My worst year at Howl, I completed 33 miles. Unless this year is a new low, I'll knock out 31+ miles.

With the summer heat, I plan on slogging through miles every day. One step at a time. Those miles will eventually add up to significant totals. In my dreams, I plan on 7 miles in the morning and 3 in the evening.  10 miles per day, everyday. That's good for me. In reality, it'll likely be 7 miles/day for a total of 49-50 miles per week.  Still OK. I'm tired, but I can still dream. The turtle is my new mascot. Slow and steady wins the race...or at least covers some steady ground.


jeff said...

goodto have you back at it.
So, my bike path out/back I was trying to get to do with me at 4pm and you said, thanks, but no thanks....your smart, I felt good in the shade putting on my shoes, but as soon as I got out in the sun I melted, only did 7 miles (heat index was 97) and reduced to run/walk every 1/10 mile, it was brutal...I did see mamma turkey and little babies at beginning of trail.....This morning I ran at Fittek and felt GREAT in cool AC, WOW what a difference...I think its smart to run indoors every 2-3 days, it helps mentally to know its just the heat that's making us feel so bad. And you will not lose any heat training.
See you on the trail.

Chris said...

FitTek...what's that? Haven't been there in months.