Sunday, July 15, 2012

Running is a Fickle Bitch

Running and I haven't seen eye to eye lately. We are on the outs. This whole year has been up and down...but mostly down. We may have to break this thing off, permanently. Running has been a fickle bitch lately. Loves me, hates me. Admires me, scolds me. She's a temptress. Even though things get bad, I can't seem to let her go. Our little affair should be over, but something keeps me entranced. She promises the world...then delivers a cold shoulder. What's up with that?

I took three days off in a row this week. Tough times at work and I didn't feel like, or have time, for running. Once I found time yesterday, I devoted over three hours to my neglected mistress...just her and me for 18 miles on the trails. But it wasn't enough. I suffered in the warm temps as the sun beat down on me. My pace was slow and my right foot ached. I was tired, but I wanted to prove myself worthy of the title "runner." I failed. Nine minute miles faded into ten minute jogs which turned into eleven minute slogs. Three days off and this is how you treat me? Screw you!

Running isn't my only interest.  I have tennis, soccer, hiking, and biking. Two can play at this game.  Maybe I should toss this fickle mistress aside and hold on dearly to a more stable partner...hiking seems nice. Beautiful wooded trails with lots of hills and lakes? No rush. No pressure. Just a walk in the park. Who'll be jealous then? Don't think I won't make the swap.  I have options. Understand?

My wife is away for a couple of weeks, maybe running and I can "make nice" and enjoy lots of solo time together. No other distractions. No other temptations. Care to give it a whirl? Maybe double-days for a week or two. Early morning jaunts, followed by romantic evening strolls?

I'm serious. If running and I don't work this out soon, I'm seeking a divorce. I have plenty of evidence of your cruel treatment. Don't make me go public with your temperamental ways. You've caused mental and physical anguish. Just treat me well and I'll stay with you. I'm willing to work hard. Long runs. Tempo runs. Hill repeats. Intervals. Strides. Let's make up and go forward, hand in hand. Running, you out there?  You listening? Don't be a fickle bitch. Let's make up.


jeff said...

Chris, I think that work is taking over your total well being...I really hope that they get this worked out in your favorite. I and others have seen your love of running go down with the amount of work you have taken more goals (they are stopping places)just move the body in whatever way it sees fit and don't talk about it in a way that puts any kind of pressure...(I do that with weight lost to myself in the same way)....I bet when your work turns back in your favor, your edurance activaties will flourish.

take care, jeff

Chris said...