Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Luck to Howlers!

Howl at the Moon 8-Hour race is this Saturday, August 11.  Around 300 runners will start at 7am and keep going until 3pm. That's along time.

Best of luck to all the Howlers out there!

It's my favorite ultra event of the year...and of all time. Unfortunately, I won't be running this year.  My longest runs are about 5 miles these days...and I do those about 2-3 times per week.  Not enough base for an 8-hour effort. Oh well.  I'll be back next year. The weather forecast looks to be awesome...around 55 degrees as a low and 81 for a high with mostly cloudy skies.  Best Howl weather in years!  Sure beats the high 90s and low 100s we've had for 6-8 weeks. I'm expecting many personal records and maybe even a new course record?


Ryan Krows said...

I'm honestly a bit sad that there are no challenges being laid down on the MigotBlog. Feel free to hand out your flavorful predictions. Nancy and I were just commenting on how we weren't as excited because you weren't calling people out. Sad your not running...hope to see you there anyway.


Ryan Krows said...

Aghh! "Sad you're not running." I cannot allow that as an English teacher

janak said...

Sorry to hear this bad news. I was worried about you a long time since you were putting too much faith in gadgets with minute details. If you simply came to Thursday buffalo runs and weekend runs and just go with the flow without looking at your gadget, you would have benefited a great deal.

Anyway, please come to Howl to cheer up us fellow buffalo. We could use encouragements from a longtime Howler!

Chris said...

It's not my tech gadgets that have done me's work. HARD TO RUN OR JOIN THE BUFFALO WHEN YOU DON'T GET HOME UNTIL 10PM. I recently resigned my Director position so things will get better when the new academic year begins on August 16. Less work, more running. That's all good!!!

Chris said...

Ryan and Janak,

I won't be at Howl as a volunteer or spectator. I _could_ but I'm selfish this weekend...need to spend time with my wife. Plus, I'd be jealous of all you lucky Howlers running in the COOL temps. You bastards piss me off...I have missed 2 Howls in 15 years...both have been the coolest temps ever.

I wish you two, and all the rest of the buffalo, the best time ever (even if I am jealous). I'll certainly raise a beer in the direction of Danville sometime between 7am and 3pm Saturday.

Chris said... everyone involved with Howl...I miss my trash talking too. Just don't have the time or energy to make predictions and belittle my friends. Next year I'll be back to Howl in shape to run...and in shape to trash talk!

trice said...

I'll destroy you next year.

Chris said...

That's a bet I'll take Mr Rice. Summer 2013 is Tom v Chris at Howl! I'm excited already. I'll train all fall, all winter, all spring, all summer and be ready for you in August 2013. Maybe the Riddler will join us too.

trice said...

Sure, bring on the Riddler too. I'll obliterate both of you.

John said...

I'm sorry you won't be at Howl, Chris. I hope your running turns around soon.