Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week in Review: August 27-Sept 2

Another building week. Better than last week, but not as good as what's to come! Feeling better and starting to plan for future races. Maybe an ultramarathon or two this fall...and lots of good opportunities in early 2013. This whole week I ran either barefoot or in Vibram FiveFinger shoes. It was a nice way to return to natural running. My plan for this coming week is to rotate between barefoot, VFFs, and "minimalist" shoes. Also, I want to expand a little more onto road and track routes instead of my usual 100% trail running routine. Just my way of keeping things fresh and hopefully avoiding injuries. Variety is the spice of life...and running.

Count:5 Activities
Distance:23.80 mi
Max Distance:5.73 mi
Avg Distance:4.76 mi
Time:4:07:29 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.8 mph
Avg HR:131 bpm
Max HR:161 bpm
Avg Run Cadence:82 spm
Max Run Cadence:107 spm
Calories:3,143 C

I'd like to find a way to track my cadence while running barefoot.The Garmin sensor is pretty small, but it still needs to be securely fastened to my foot or ankle. It works well on VFFs (through the velcro strap on top). Maybe a big rubber band?


Ragfield said...

Maybe try on of those ankle straps intended for timing chips? I think lots of triathlon shops sell them.

Chris said...

I'll look for an ankle strap...where's my local tri shop? I also have one of those Road ID straps--it might work around my ankle and hold the Garmin sensor.

Ragfield said...

I don't know of anything local to you. I should have clarified that I meant online shops.

Chris said...

I hear ya Rob. If I can't find something in the house, I'll try an online tri shop. Riddle would suggest I just use duct tape. But, he's crazy.

Ragfield said...

If you go the duct tape route be sure to shave first!

jeff said...

Did you try cutting the top part off a sock and use the elastic part??
Gregg and I am doing 10 x 1 mile workout this morning at 7:30am, meetat bike path mile 0.0...6 on bike path and 4 on trails, 3 min rest, pace whatever we feel.