Thursday, November 22, 2012

Appreciate the Highs and Lows

Happy Thanksgiving!

As runners, especially ultra runners, we need to appreciate the highs and lows that come with running. We are capable of running long distances, resting, and doing it again.  That's impressive. We are fortunate to be healthy and fit. Today is a good time to take stock and appreciate what we have in our lives as runners. Think back to your running lows...and also remember the highs. They go hand-in-hand. Very hard to have one without the other. Suppose we should learn to love them both as part of the developmental process. Here are pictures showing two lows--one is my friend Jeff on Mt Baldy from earlier this year. The other me on Mt Whitney after crewing Badwater a few years ago.

We were beaten down pretty good at these points in our life, but we came back strong and can look back on these adventures with a smile. These experiences challenged us and made us stronger.

Jeff on Mt Baldy. Not a high point for him.

Jeff made it to the top...and he doesn't care.

Chris on Mt Whitney. Not a high point for him.

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