Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week in Review? Who Gives a Shit!

I've missed a couple of my standard "week in review" posts. Guess I've been busy at work, traveling, and just not running a ton. Usually I slap a table that has my last week's statistics, then add some fine prose about how the week went and what I'm planning for the near future. Who gives a shit? Really. I hardly care about what I did last week and might do this week. Why would you care as a blog reader? I'm not an elite runner. You shouldn't be using my sad ass training as a guide for yourself. Occasionally I have some insights about types of runs or mileage that benefit me...maybe you...or not. I think I'll skip the review posts and just stick to good old fashioned diatribes. You can still follow my daily runs at DailyMile (or the sidebar of this blog).

Last week I managed to run 26 miles. Considering it was a recovery week from the McNotAgain 30-Mile trail ultra, I feel good about it. No lingering aches and pains. I felt a bit tired on the longish 13 mile trail run--think it was just left-over muscle fatigue from the race. Still, nothing actually hurt, so I'm happy.

I'm about to enter a serious time in my life and my running. In less than 3 weeks I start a new job. I have a lot of work to accomplish in the old job before I leave, so it's "hunker-down" time in the office. Fortunately, there is an end-date in sight: December 5 will be my last day in the current job...and December 6 the new position begins. No rest for the wicked! I anticipate some job transition stress...but I also anticipate lots of new passion and excitement! I am staying on-campus, so I'll still be in touch with my old colleagues while I develop new friends and work partners. It was time for a change. I hope this work transition translates into a renewed excitement for running. My recent two ultra races have begun to whip me into shape, but I need a renewed focus on daily and weekly training to prepare for the Umstead 100 miler in April. I've lacked the motivation to run on a daily basis. For now, I think it's work-related. Just too much damn stress and commotion has left me with less energy than I need and want for running. I'll plow through the next couple of weeks and see where that takes me and my running.

Here's a pretty cool quote that makes you think about your life...

“I am an artist at living — my work of art is my life.”-DT Suzuki


trice said...

Wow. Change is good. Where's your new job?

Chris said...


We'll talk offline when I see you.