Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Week of the Year!

It took me all year to do it, but I finally put together 7 straight days of good running on the last week of the year! This was my biggest mileage week for 2012. Even when I ran the occasional ultra race (typically 50km), the full week didn't break 70 miles. Here are the statistics for my best week of 2012:

Count:7 Activities
Distance:72.68 mi
Max Distance:11.48 mi
Avg Distance:10.38 mi
Time:13:32:29 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.4 mph
Avg HR:122 bpm
Max HR:157 bpm
Calories:9,225 C

Seven days, seven runs, almost 73 miles. Sweet. Kept the heart rate under control and burned some holiday calories. These are almost all trail miles with just a little road and bike path to connect the trails. This was one solid week!

Proud to end the year strong, uninjured, and healthy. I look forward to a great year of running in 2013. Goals for the new year are being formulated and will be revealed on January 1, 2013.


jeff said...

chris, great week, good winter weather, you are a changed runner, I see it and feel it.....anyone who can do 30 mile races with a few weeks of training can do 50 miles in 4, you and gregg can feed off each other w/ our regular runs together...oh yes, Matt may be doing the RR 50 also. keep up the relaxed consistenticy.....

Chris said...

Excellent week. All three of us are on the right track...we just need to keep going in the right direction and not backslide (or get too greedy).