Thursday, December 27, 2012

Look Back on 2012

Time to look back on 2012 and see if I met my self-stated goals. I'll spare you the details of what major goals I had planned for this year (you can see my January 1, 2012 post here), but let's just say they were lofty...and I failed. I failed on every single one of them. Here is the quick run-down:

1. Run 2,012 miles
I will break 1,500 miles this year, but that's a far cry from 2,012. I missed this one big time. My excuse is that I was injured after Riddle Run (end of January) and struggled for 3 months to get back on track. Never really got over that calf injury until this summer. Oh well. 

2. Set at least one new personal record
Nope, I didn't set any new PRs. Heck, I rarely raced this entire year. If you allow funky distances, or PRs for specific races (rather than standard distances), then I did set a new Riddle Run record. That was a good run and a great way to begin the year. Too bad it didn't last.

3. Run 50 miles at Howl at the Moon 8-Hour
Not quite. Instead of a new PR, I got a big fat DNS (Did Not Start). I was just recovering from injury and didn't even think I could get 20 miles so I skipped the race. This one hurt.

4. Do a 10-mile run completely barefoot
No, my longest barefoot run was a little over 5 miles. Good, but not a new barefoot PR for distance. 

Basically, I failed across the board! 

I'm blaming an early year injury combined with an insane work situation. The work deal has been taken care of with a new job...the injury thing will be taken care of by a renewed commitment to being patient and disciplined. These failures don't bother me...well, at least not too much. They motivate me to be super-focused for 2013. In fact, my 2013 goals are already brewing and will be presented on January 1. 

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