Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Fit? Are You Healthy?

Runners are one of the fittest groups around. Running is an awesome form of exercise and it works pretty efficiently at getting us fit. But are we healthy too? These concepts are not the same. You can be fit, but unhealthy. Ever "run into" a fast endurance runner that was always sick and injured? That ain't healthy! If you are regularly sidelined by injuries, or held down by frequent colds and illness, you may need to rethink your true fitness level. Something is wrong. Phil Maffetone may have the solution to get you healthy...and fit as well.

Maybe running below your aerobic threshold (and well below your lactate threshold!) could lead to greater fat burning, greater health, and even faster race times. Do you run below a heart rate of 180 minus your age? Seem too slow?

Check out this interview with Maffetone from the Runners Connect web site for the rationale behind pure aerobic training:

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