Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hoka Brothers Had a Good Week

I suppose it's almost time for me to fully review my Hoka Stinson Evo shoes. At first, I didn't like them much. Now, they are growing on me. Finished a 20-mile trail run today, in the cold and windy weather, and felt really good. Gregg and Jeff have sworn the Hokas have given them a new running life, but I was a bit skeptical (even though I got them hooked on these shoes in the first place). In my mind, Jeff and Gregg were the "Hoka Brothers"--they always wear those damn shoes!  Now, I may have joined that group too...and the three Hoka Brothers had a good week of running!

Here are my statistics for the week:

Count:7 Activities
Distance:55.12 mi
Max Distance:19.89 mi
Avg Distance:7.87 mi
Time:9:59:19 h:m:s
Avg Speed:5.5 mph
Avg HR:122 bpm
Max HR:174 bpm
Calories:7,096 C

Five of those seven runs were with Jeff, three with Gregg (with some overlap). And that seventh run today with Gregg was a good one. Here it is:

I ended 2012 with my best week of that year. Nice to start 2013 with another solid week. Less than 90 days until the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run!  And 20 days until my first "race" of 2013...the Riddle Run Fat Ass on January 26. That'll be another good test for the Hoka shoes.


jeff said...

Man, thats a great 20 miler for you too!!! In the wind and extra snow cover. See what you guys can do w/o me. I saw you guys leaving as I pulled up to do my easy 5 miler on the bike path going the opposite direction....the Hoka's are great, will have 500 miles by next weekend.

Chris said...

Bike path?! How many ultras are run on a bike path? Not riddle run!

ed said...

An evenly controlled pace for 20 miles on a course with those conditions -- and you're worried about the pace needed at Umstead?! I like your choice of Garmin Connect to post the run. I'm familiar with it & use it often.

Chris said...


I use Garmin Connect all the time, but I also use DailyMile and Sport Tracks. They are all good. Garmin is the best for publicly posting all the details (DM is a bit limited and Sport Tracks is meant for your PC, not the web).

20 miles is a LONG way from 100 miles...but it's a good start!