Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pepcid AC for Ultrarunner's Stomach?

I've been training for the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run (April 6-7, 2013) and noticed the race director's training tips suggested taking Pepcid AC on race morning and again that evening to help calm the stomach and prevent the runner from having gastric issues while running for 24 hours. Having a "sour" or upset stomach has been a problem of mine in ultras that last over 8 hours. For a 100 mile event, where I'll be going for 24+ hours, stomach issues are a major hurdle.  You need to continue eating so you can continue running...or at least making forward progress!  No fuel = no movement. Stomach problems tend to prevent eating and drinking, so this notion of being proactive with a Pepcid AC (or competing product) sounds interesting.

Any runners out there try this proactive tactic?  Have other suggestions for calming (or preventing) stomach problems?  I've tried Tums and Rolaids, but they don't seem to work very well. Maybe I need to take them sooner and more often?  Also, ginger products might help a bit, but I'm not a fan of the ginger taste. I plan on trying the Pepcid AC on a couple of extremely long training runs and shorter ultras (25-30 miles) and see how it works. If I can solve my stomach issues, I'll have a good chance (or at least "better" chance) of finishing Umstead 100 in under 24 hours.


Adam D. Langenfeld said...

I haven't tried anything like that, but from a physiological perspective something like Pepcid is advantageous over Tums because it not only neutralizes acid, but also reduces the amount of additional acid being produced.

Of the possible options (outside of not eating, a pretty unlikely choice) something like Pepcid, Zantac, etc. combined with food that's easier and quicker to digest (liquids, carbohydrates with a little protein mixed in) would probably be ideal.

That's just theoretical, though. :/-

Chris said...

Thanks Adam.