Monday, February 4, 2013

Potential for 50 Miles at Howl

Each August, I try and reach 50 total miles in 8 hours at the Howl at the Moon race. It's never happened....yet. I have renewed optimism that I'm on the right track this year. I ran a 50-mile trail fat ass event on January 26 and finished in 9:49. That's 1 hour and 49 minutes too slow. Why my optimism based on that run? That run started at midnight, was unsupported (no aid stations), and had few other runners or spectators. In my mind, running at midnight on dark trails equates to 30 seconds per mile slower pace. OK, over 50 miles that's a 25 minute gain, now I'm only 1 hour 24 minutes off my needed pace for 50 miles in 8 hours. Aid station support is worth another 30 seconds per mile--now I'm only 59 minutes off my target pace. Throw in other runners and spectators in a major race setting, and I think I could be motivated to run another 30 seconds per mile quicker. Now I'm only 34 minutes off target!  Still a way to go, but I have 6 months to improve my endurance, stamina, and speed. I didn't push hard at my recent 50-mile event, so I have excess capacity to draw upon. This August, I'm confident 50 miles in 8 hours will be possible at the Howl at the Moon race!


ed said...

Already setting goals past Umstead -- that's great! That's also a tough one to set. You really must be feeling pretty good now to have such confidence. Have a good run at Kennekuk.

Chris said...

Thanks Ed. Yes, I'm feeling good...and a bit nervous. If I stay injury free until Umstead, I think I have a great shot at breaking 24 hours. The key is to keep focused and don't do anything STUPID. I usually screw this up with adding speed work and straining my calf. Just need to tell myself that anything faster than 14:23 pace is speed work for the 100 miler!