Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Races for 2013

I was just tinkering with my upcoming race schedule. I have no race the month of July (extra training for Howl at the Moon?), but it's pretty packed the rest of the year. So far, after two races, I have one DNF and one new PR. 50% success, 50% failure. Hmmmm...hope the rest of the year goes better!  Here's my current schedule for 2013 (also on side bar of this blog):
Any thoughts? 

The Redwoods Marathon in October is dependent on my brother being ready for that race (~50% chance). The Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run is dependent on Gregg and Jeff being fit and committed (~75% chance). I'm not doing that solo! The final race, Across the Years (24-48-72 hour) is a celebration of the year...if I'm healthy and uninjured. Would be a nice way to cap off the year and start 2014 with a bang.

Too much racing?  Too little? Not enough variety?


jeff said...

my 2 cents;

focus on 2-3, use others for training

cut out the May 8hr, too close after 100 miler....focus on Howl training and the pace you need for 50 miles (9:36).

5 hr fits the schedule for Howl.

Chris said...


The May 8 hour is my race test for the August 8 hour! All of these are PR attempts. No slow racing.