Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Am I Giving Up for Lent?

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

It's the best day of the year...time to get out all your sins before Lent begins. Growing up in the New Orleans area, this was a big holiday--including no school for 2 days! Not really celebrated in the Midwest. Most of my colleagues at work didn't even realize it was "Fat Tuesday" today--but they understood what it meant...and were looking forward to a trip to the bar after work. You are welcome.

Another thing that Mardi Gras means for many people? The last day before Lent. Time to indulge before giving up something for the Lenten season. A little too religious for me, but I always enjoy asking my Christian (particularly my Catholic) friends what they are giving up for Lent. Today, I got the usual responses: "Not sure"..."None of your business"...."What are YOU giving up?"

Since I don't officially follow Lent, I don't usually give up anything, but today I thought it might be "fun" to give up rest days. Yes, that's right, no more "rest days" from running for Chris. For the next 40 days I'll not skip a day of running! A mini-running streak to re-commit myself to the 100-mile training plan. Umstead 100 Miler is 53 days away. Maybe a 40-day run streak is just what my Umstead training needs. Guess my next rest day will be Easter Sunday.

So, what are you giving up for Lent? Long runs? Speed work? Recovery days? Races? An hour of sleep so you can get up earlier, double your training, build a massive aerobic engine, and slaughter your enemies at your next big race? It's all good. Pick something to change. Partying is over tonight...tomorrow begins a new training day!

UPDATE:  I lasted until day three. The mini run-streak is over. It was more mini than a streak. Geeez. That's sad.


jeff said...

40 days with no rest.....um??...don't get crazy with us...Wed morning's are easy 60-70 min road/trail loop thru LOW park....meet me outside the house at 5:50am. today


Chris said...

Already did my own road/park loop (5K+).