Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Race Condition Podcast: Featuring Me!

A triathlon (and ultra running) friend in Saint Louis, Rob, has started an endurance training and racing podcast. Running, biking, swimming...all to the extreme. Or at least endurance over sprint. His first podcast interview was...with me! Feel free to visit the podcast and check out my Umstead 100 story. Learn about minimal training (miles, not shoes), using Pepcid AC (even though I don't suffer from acid indigestion), the value of pacers and fat ass runs (not at the same time), why I raced in Hokas (but trained barefoot and in minimalist shoes), how my first marathon landed me in the hospital (but I was still hooked), and how a brand new sports drink helped me achieve my goal of reaching the "gold standard" for 100-mile races: 100 miles, 1 day. I'm not sure how great this interview was, but I think Rob's podcast has real potential.


jason elliot said...

Nice interview, Chris! It was fun to listen to.

Chris said...

Thanks Jason. It was Rob's idea.