Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Screw You, Flies

The daily rants continue...

I'm not the biggest fan of house flies, but I'll occasionally shoo them out of the house instead of killing them. They aren't that bothersome. Unfortunately, they have some bigger and badder brethren that hang out on my local trails. Probably on your trails too. I'm not as tolerant of them.

I really hate horse flies. Deer flies too. Any big old flies that hang out on trails, chase you down, pester you, and BITE you! These suckers are relentless in the hot and humid summer months. When the trails come close to creeks or ponds, they seem to multiply and really go after you. I pick up the pace, but these buggers are fast! Wave your hands, swat at them...they keep coming. Wearing a hat helps (they seem to go for your head and neck), spraying some insect repellent helps, but nothing seems to really keep them away. I hate these bastards!

I came across a running forum that mentioned horse flies and how to fight them on a run...
  • Run very early in the morning
  • Wear a yellow shirt with a high neck
  • Put on insect repellent and make sure it is in your hair and on your shirt, but not on the front of your shirt because you will be breathing it the entire run if you do
  • Wear a desert hat with a couple small sheets of fly paper on it, a blue notecard with tanglefoot on it, and a neck cover
  • Put a stuffed dryer sheet in your hat and shorts
  • Put whine vinegar all over your body, neck, head ears, and sprinkle it on your hat, you might smeel like coleslaw
  • Occasionally sprint to lose them
  • If you need to, stop running and be perfectly still and they will go away
  • If one lands on you slap him silly, their population will decrease with time, you may get bug guts on you though
  • Try not to breath out carbon dioxide
  • Carry cinnamon ferns and swat the flies with them while you run
Not sure if these tricks work, but I'm thinking about trapping them with a fly strip pinned to my hat. Apparently, tanglefoot can be used on a index card and will last a long time. Also, here's another fly strip source for your running hat.

I only have one thing to say...Screw the flies!


TC said...

Really about the yellow shirt? I heard about the dryer thing before...

Chris said...

Not sure about yellow shirt...just what was posted. I hate them flies!