Sunday, October 27, 2013

Skechers Has Captured My Running Heart

As a runner, especially an ultra-runner, I go through a lot of shoes. Probably more than other runners. And I always love trying o find that "next perfect" shoe. Of course, it never exists. But, hope springs eternal. I keep trying...and I keep buying. Over the last year, I've actually settled on one brand of shoes--Skechers Performance running shoes. I now own 4 different models: GoBionic (road), GoBionic Trail, GoRun 2, and GoRun Ride 2. They are all awesome running shoes! I've basically become a Skechers man. They've captured my heart...and pocketbook. One of the greatest advantages of all of these models is their wide forefoots--no crunching your toes together.

GoBionic (road)
This is the most minimal in the Skechers running performance shoe line. Lightweight,  flexible, zero drop, and just enough cushioning to make road runs bearable--up to about 10-12 miles for me. And they can still tackle well-groomed trails too. The open, pod-based sole, can trap gravel and small trail debris. On faster road and track runs, this is a premier shoe. Nice racing flat too!

GoRun 2 (road)
This shoe adds a bit more cushioning, slight heel to toe drop (4mm), but keeps the flexibility and lightweight nature of the GoBionic. A great all-around shoe that can get me through runs up to 18-20 miles. It can handle trails a little better than the GoBionic, but is still intended for roads, tracks, and just an occasional off-road groomed trail. The outsole, while very flexible, doesn't have the big and deep open pods that allow gravel or other debris to get stuck in the shoe. Some stuff might get trapped in the heel area, but not as much as the GoRun Ride.

GoRun Ride 2 (road)
My current favorite running shoe. This sucker adds even a little more cushioning, keeps the 4mm heel-to-toe drop, but remains lightweight and flexible. It does have the more open and deep pod outsole that can trap small gravel, but it works extremely well on roads, tracks, treadmill, and many trails. I can do 20 mile training runs with no problem and I've used the GoRun Ride for trail 50K ultra races. If I could only select ONE RUNNING SHOE, this would be it! High praise. This is a great shoe.

GoBionic Trail
This is Skechers minimalist trail shoe. It has about the same cushioning as the GoRun 2, but much better traction, plus a little underfoot and toe protection. It handles trails well. I've used it in 50K trail ultras and its performed well. The tread design allows for some road running without feeling awkward.

NOTE: When I need even more cushioning and protection, like when running 50+ miles, I do still grab my Hoka Stinson Evo shoes. They are hard to beat for really long runs. And when I want to go even more minimal, I go completely barefoot...or grab my Xero shoes (minimalist running sandals).

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Taylor said...

Hi Chris,

Great posts, and you're not the only one who's been bitten by the Skechers's bug! I've been a fan of their running shoes for some time now (I started with the Go Run 2 and the Go Bionics)and I've been running pain-free ever since. Hopefully Meb's win in the 2014 Boston Marathon will bring some recognition and credibility to the brand!