Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Quest for 100 Thwarted?

I've been making steady progress toward 100 marathons or ultras. I currently have 87 ultras/marathons. Figured I'd have 90 by the end of this year, then finish 10 next year to reach that 100 mark. Unfortunately, my brother came down with pneumonia and our Seattle Marathon is now off. Plus, the government shutdown has forced the cancellation of next weekend's Farmdale 30 Miler (unless things get settled in the next 5 days). My quest for 100 ultras/marathons is getting more difficult! I may only end up with 88 by the end of this year...forcing me to do 12 marathons or ultras in 2014. I was looking forward to one or two months off next year! No rest for the wicked. I may need to average one per month all year to hit the goal of 100.

For now, I'm going to assume that I can still do Farmdale (or an alternative ultra) and McNotAgain this year. That leaves me with 11 ultra/marathons for next year. Here is my tentative list (I've listed one for each month, but can skip one or two depending on how things go):

Jan: Riddle Run 28M Fat Ass
Feb: Lake Mingo 28M Fat Ass
Mar: Land Between the Lakes Marathon
Apr: Double Chubb 50K or St Louis Marathon or Illinois Marathon
May: Ice Age 50K
June: Kettle Moraine 100K
July: Dances with Dirt Devils Lake 50K
Aug: Howl at Moon 8-Hour
Sept: Evergreen Lake 32M
Oct: Farmdale 30M
Nov: McNotAgain 30M
Dec: Across the Years 24-Hour

Is this possible? Maybe. If I want it bad enough, it'll happen in 2014. My quest for 100 is not thwarted. Maybe it'll be delayed, but it'll be accomplished. If the Farmdale ultra (or alternative race) doesn't happen in 2013, I may need to find a June 2014 marathon or ultra. Any suggestions?  Maybe I should add a December race to this year's schedule?


David said...


Any chance you could organize a 'Fat Ass' in the next week for you and your buddies?

Chris said...


I thought about an "UnFarmdale" 30 miler at Clinton Lake course. Farmdale RDs are still looking for an alternative race site--maybe Jubilee State Park (which is only 15 minutes from the current Farmdale Reservoir site).