Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Running Goals for 2014

This past year was an interesting one. I finished 6 ultra marathons, plus one marathon. Set 2 PRs. I declare 2013 a good year of running! Hope 2014 goes as well. Here are my five main goals for the coming year (first three are outcomes, the last two are process oriented):

1. Set at least one new personal record. I'm leaving it open to any distance, but I think my 100K time is most vulnerable. I doubt the 100-mile PR will fall any time soon...if ever. I just don't see me breaking 24 hours again in a 100 mile race. 50 miles and the marathon are also possibilities for PRs. And, of course, the ever present 50K would be nice too! For now, I just want to finish 2014 with at LEAST ONE new PR.

2. Qualify for the Boston Marathon by running 3:25 or faster at a qualifying marathon race. That's a 7:49 pace for 26.2 miles. Doable. I have one particular BQ marathon in mind, but I'm open to suggestions and will be flexible depending on how the year unfolds. If I train well this winter, then maybe a spring marathon is possible. If not, then fall looks more realistic.

3. Complete my 100th marathon or ultramarathon. I currently have 89 ultras/marathons completed. I need 11 more to get to 100. I'll release my tentative race schedule in a few days, but I'm thinking 3 marathons and 9 ultramarathons will be on the schedule  If one becomes a DNF (or DNS), I'll still have my 11 needed to reach 100.

4. Run between 1,400 and 1,600 miles for the year. I've done many more miles in the past, but plan on doing less volume and higher quality runs this year. That necessitates a lower total mileage for me. If I get antsy and want more runs, I'll have to remain disciplined and go for a walk or hike instead. Or cross-train. I want to remain injury-free, but still push for fast times.

5. Stay injury-free by incorporating some stretching and strengthening exercises. Nothing crazy here, just plan on doing regular calf stretches and quad strengthening weights. Sure, my hamstrings are tight too and my hips could use some stretching, but I cannot commit to too much. I hate stretching. I'll do one stretch after running--that will be a calf stretch. And I need to strengthen my quads (to help my knees). I probably need to strengthen my core and calves too, but the quads will have to be the priority. I think all of the uneven, hilly, trail running tends to work my core and keep my other muscles in good balance.

Any thoughts on these running goals? Have you set your own goals for 2014? Goals are the first step in making your dreams a reality!


Chris Yow said...

Looks ambitious but also like you have a well rounded and thought out plan to make it happen.

Chris said...

Thanks Chris. Need to dream big. We'll see how it goes. Lots depends on how this new FIRST training program goes with the 3 key runs each week.

TCollins said...

Chris I would love to see the PR you hit be at Howl at the Moon, because I would be there to give you a Hug. And feel I helped push you a little that day. 100k, where you thinking? Great job last year, hitting 67%.

Chris said...

Thanks TC. Yes, I would LOVE a PR at Howl...maybe 50 miles? Would be awesome to challenge you at Howl too. I'm thinking about Kettle Moraine 100K in June.