Sunday, March 16, 2014

40 for 40

On the 4-hour drive back from LBL in KY last weekend, Jeff (the running friend who DNF'd with me) and I chatted about our respective running fitness and what we needed to do going forward to be really fit and ready to race. Generally, I'm happy with my current fitness. Jeff not so much. And he thinks I can do better too. "Untapped potential" is what he calls my current state of running affairs. I've always been able to run fairly well with minimal mileage. Even in ultramarathon races. Including 100 milers. I suppose if I actually knocked out regular high mileage weeks, I could be better. I usually average 25-30 miles per week. Rather low for an ultra runner! Maybe I can do better?

Jeff's running problem is not his weekly mileage. He runs plenty of miles every week. His done that for years and years. His issue? It's his weight. He has a few too many pounds to haul around the streets and trails. You can only run so fast if you are overweight. And racing is extremely hard with a few extra pounds...and if it's more than "a few" pounds, then you'll truly struggle in races. Jeff needs to lose weight. He knows it. But the motivation hasn't been there to make a lasting change.

My problem? Didn't think I had one, but Jeff says it's lack of consistent moderate miles every week. According to Jeff, I should be running 40+ miles per week. Week after week. Mostly aerobic fat-burning, with about 20% in the faster zones (marathon pace and faster). I suppose that's a reasonable plan. If I want to run marathons and ultras, I should run more miles. I've known that for some time, but haven't been motivated. How might that change?

So, Jeff needs to lose weight and I need to run more miles. Simple, right? How could we motivate each other? On that drive back from KY, Jeff proposed a challenge. 40 for 40. Jeff would lose 40 pounds and I'd run 40 miles per week. I could work up to that 40 miles, then hold it for a minimum of 8 weeks. During that time period (about 10-12 weeks), Jeff would lose 40 pounds and sustain the weight loss. Hmmmm...40 pounds for 40 miles. 40 for 40. Let's do it!


TC said...

The only thing I want this year, what puts me in some of my runs so far, is wearing that mileage shirt from KRR. That says 3000 Miles, heck I don't know if there is one, but during tonight 2nd run, thinking about what I need to do, to keep the chance of that shirt was thinking what it was going to look like. Chris I hope those miles will get me too different times (Already 2 PR's, so just
think), Jeff could be thinking correct, focus on that 2000 mile shirt, have you got one of those before from KRR? I was thinking about that 3000 mile shirt in tonights run, thinking the back could say, Junk Miles Really?

Chris said...

No such thing as junk miles! I don't usually go to the KRR party--I've gotten a couple of the 1500 mile shirts. That's no big deal. 2,000 is nice...3,000 awesome!