Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feel Better with Races on My Schedule

I now have three solid races on my schedule over the next 8 weeks. It feels good. When the races are too far out, or I'm not registered yet, there's a constant angst about whether I'll be ready. Should I even register? Try for a new personal best? Use them as training runs?

This coming weekend, March 8, I have the Land Between the Lakes trail marathon in KY. I'm not even close to being trained and ready for this race, but that's OK. It's a race I've done several times (marathon and 60K). I feel comfortable running those KY trails. I'll run my own race. Since I'm not well trained, I'll go down with running buddies and hang with the mid-to-back-of-pack runners and simply enjoy the sights. It'll be a great training run. Hopefully it'll get me a little closer to being ready for my next race.

After the KY trail marathon, I have only three weeks to my next race: Clinton Lake 30-Mile trail race in central IL. This is the race I founded and directed for several years. I doubt I'll be ready to go, but it'll be fun getting back on those memorable trails in a race situation. Again, very comfortable. I could run these hilly trails at night...and I have on several occasions! Lots of old friends. Great past adventures. Outside of my local trails, this is my main training ground. Perfect place to "tune-up" for my next race.

A month after the Clinton Lake 30, I'll be running the Illinois Marathon. Yikes. I haven't run a road marathon in years. Not appealing. At the end of last year, I thought I might be ready to attempt a Boston Qualifying time here. Not going to happen. Maybe next year. This year's race will be a "test" of how I can hold together on 26.2 miles of roads.'s not going to be easy. Still, it'll be a comfortable setting and I'll see tons of friends at aid stations and on the Champaign-Urbana roads. I'll run through both towns and all around the university campus, including right by my old workplace...and my new one. Pretty cool. If it goes well, then I'll start dreaming about a BQ time in the next 6-12 months. does a body good.

If these three races go alright, I'll up my total ultra/marathons completed to 92. I'll ride that momentum to several summer races. Most likely Kettle Moraine 100K, Kennekuk 5-hour Cats and Dogs, and Howl at the Moon 8-hour. Hopefully have 95 ultra/marathons by the end of summer. Then a packed trail racing fall with Evergreen Lake 32, Farmdale Ultra, Tecumseh Trail Marathon, and McNotAgain 30 miler. Could have 99 after McNotAgain. Where will #100 occur? When? I'll let you know after I get #99.

I'm not ready for spring racing, but I still feel better having three good races on my schedule. And many more planned. Wish me well.


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!


Chris said...

Thanks...I'll need a little luck to finish uninjured.

ed said...

Let's see, you could go out & run a 6 minute mile if you wanted to while recovering from a cold . . . . sounds like you're in pretty good shape to me!

You're going to have to put it in reverse to be anywhere close to the back-of-the-packers (like me) at LBL. See you there.

Chris said...

Maybe I'll run with you and Jeff at the back. Doesn't matter how fast I go, still need to wait for Jeff and his car before heading home! I do have some speed...but not past 4-5 miles. And even that is on flat roads or treadmill.

Michael Astrosky said...

Good luck with the snow this weekend. I hear 10+ inches down there.

You can run with me for last place at Clinton. I'm kind of worried about the 8 hour time limit. And I am in worse shape than you,

Chris said...


The Clinton RDs will let you (or us) finish after that 8 hour cut-off. I hope to race myself into shape. KY snow should be melted by Saturday.

sonali joshi said...


Great post thanks for info!

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