Friday, July 4, 2014

"Time of Day" Running

I am currently practicing "time of day" running. It has nothing to do with WHEN I run, but more how I run. Doesn't matter if it's morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. Weekday or weekend. Dawn or dusk. What does matter is the "how" of running. I run with my fancy Garmin GPS watch set to "Time of Day" display. Nothing else. The watch still records time, distance, pace, elevation change, heart rate, etc. But it only shows "time of day." This way I run BY FEEL and effort, without any other distractions. I don't check my heart rate or pace. I just run. Much easier to stay focused on how I feel and adjust accordingly. No pressure to hit certain heart rates or paces. Afterward, I download all the statistics and look them over. I can track changes over time or from day to day. But during the run, it's just me running. Simple. I hope this new method will keep me internally focused and injury free.

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