Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's Up With the Women's Marathon Record?

Today, the men's marathon world record was broken at the Berlin Marathon. Again. It now stands at 2:02:57. Congratulations to Dennis Kimetto. This is the 5th men's record in 7 years! Yet the women's world record stands at 2:15:25. The same as it has been since 2003 when Paula Radcliffe set this mark at the London Marathon. Why hasn't it fallen? What's up with that? We seem to be seeing more and more women runners at all levels from local fun runners to elite marathoners. Why hasn't that 2003 women's record fallen yet? More than a decade and no one has even shaved a second off this record. Are we going to see a sub 2-hour men's record before a woman breaks Paula's 2:15 record? What's going on here?

I have no answers. My gut tells me that Radcliffe was a very special runner and her record is simply an incredible performance that won't be repeated soon. Paula has run a 2:18 marathon, two 2:17 marathons, plus the record of 2:15. Her closest competitors have run 2:18. Wow. Her record may stand for many more years. Still, I want records to be broken! Step it up ladies, go after that world marathon record.

PS: Shout out to Shalane Flanagan who gave it her best and tried for the American record at Berlin. She ran a personal best 2:21:14 and came in third place. I think she has Deena's AR of 2:19:36 within her in the near future.

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