Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Solstice Celebration Run

We've had pretty reasonable "pre-winter" weather in central Illinois. Offically, winter begins on Sunday, December 21st. What better way to celebrate than with a winter solstice run? If you're in central Illinois, there's an even better way to mark the occassion...the annual Clinton Lake winter solstice run that begins at sunrise (7:14am) on December 21. The 10-mile northfork trail provides an awesome venue to celebrate the day. Lots of hills and great views of the lake. Several local runners, including myself, will start at sunrise, trying to go for 30 miles. Others will run only 10 or 20 miles. Come one, come all. Start early, start late. No rules. Just come and run. Or hike. This is the same trail utilized for the Clinton Lake 30-Mile ultra in March. Why not practice now? Need tips and strategies for race day? Chat with the race founder (that's me!) while circling the lake. One of the current race directors will likely be there too. And plenty of previous race veterans. This is your chance to sample the course with experienced runners. We'll start from the northfork canoe access parking lot at the iron bridge (marked on map with yellow arrow).

This winter solstice run is made possible by buffalo runner Matt. For extra info and maps of the DNR area, here are links to Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. Remember, we are starting at the north fork canoe access lot off of Parnell Rd (yellow arrow on the map above). This is different from the official Clinton Lake ultra race start (which is the boat access parking lot).

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