Sunday, January 25, 2015

R.I.D.D.L.E. Run

For years we've had a local fat ass run each winter. It was called the "Riddle Run" and was always held the last Saturday in January. The first runner to finish seven 4-mile loops was the winner. It's been a highlight of my "racing" schedule for over a decade (I've run each and every event). Unfortunately, the race director, Jeff, decided he was done with this awesome event after 2013. That was the 14th year of the fat ass Riddle Run. My 2013 race report is here. In 2014, I pseudo-organized a "Sorta Riddle Run"--it was a lot of fun. Well, next Saturday (Jan 31), we are set for yet another R.I.D.D.L.E. run. The local buffalo runners will not let this event die, but we are not yet set on a name. Something that uses the RIDDLE acronym seems appropriate and we are cycling through possible titles. Names are not important, running and socializing is the key to this fine fat ass event! Next weekend, we'll still run the Lake of the Woods 4-mile trail over and over until we get to an ultra distance (28 miles). At least that's the plan! All are welcome, no fees or awards given. Well, there is a roll of "Marathon" toilet paper that has been declared a travelling trophy for the fastest runner. That trophy will be on site this Saturday...who, if anyone, will claim it?

NOTE: Here is a photo of the infamous toilet paper award from 2009 champion Rob Raguet-Schofield.

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