Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Marathon Shoe?

GoRun Ultra
I have the Clinton Lake ultra (30 mile trail run) on March 28. That race doesn't bring me any anxiety. I started the darn race and directed it for several years. Nothing new about that course.  I know what shoes to wear, clothes to bring, and food/gels to pack. I'll run it, do fine, and be happy drinking beers at the finish line. It'll be a fine day of running and socializing.

About 4 weeks later, on April 25, I'll be running the Illinois Marathon. That race is getting me a bit nervous.  It's my BQ attempt. I ran it last year as a supported long run and things went well. It was warm, but I chatted with other runners and enjoyed the day. At the finish, I told myself this could be a solid BQ event. So, I signed up early and started planning on that BQ time (3:30 needed, 3:25 wanted). The weather will determine clothing choices, but I'm still kind of wondering about shoe selection.  Last year I ran in the Skechers GoRun Ride 3. It went fine. This year I've narrowed it down to three shoes, all Skechers performance models: GoRun 4 (7.1 oz) , GoRun Ride 4 (7.8 oz), GoRun Ultra (9.2 oz).
GoRun Ride 4

I'm thinking the GoRun 4 might be a better race shoe. Slightly lighter than the Ride 4, but still enough cushioning to tackle 26.2 miles. Good for a faster time? But if I'm running harder, maybe I need more protection. In that case, the GoRun Ride 4 would be a better choice. It's my go-to daily training shoe. Heck, maybe I need even more cushioning and protection from the road pounding I'll endure during the marathon--could the GoRun Ultra be an even better idea? All Skechers shoes are flexible and lightweight. Plus, they have a wide forefoot. I suppose the only real difference is how much I want to prioritize speed and weight, versus cushioning. As an avid trail runner, the roads do scare me.

Any suggestions?  Do you go with lighter shoes for your fast marathons?  Do you worry about the transition from trail training to road racing?

UPDATE: Decided on the Skechers GoRun Ride 4. Found them at Shoebuy for around $55. Nice bright red and orange color. I'm ready to race!

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