Saturday, November 21, 2015

Current Pre-Training Schedule

I plan to start an official training schedule right around Christmas or New Years. It'll be a 4-month program leading to the Illinois Half-Marathon at the end of April. More details about the specific training program once I start, but for now, I'm in pre-training mode. Preparing for the real training. Make sense?

The biggest change in training will be more speed workouts and shorter long runs. To prepare my mind and body, I'm now cutting back on total mileage and long runs, while adding a touch of speed. My long runs are peaking at about 10 miles. I'm doing a once per week speed session that consists of running one mile hard (slightly faster than 5K race pace). The other runs are easy efforts at or below 89% lactate threshold heart rate (for me, around HR=144). Here's an example week:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 4-5 miles easy
Wednesday: 3.5 miles, 1-mile fast
Thursday: 4-5 miles easy
Friday: off
Satuday: 8-10 miles
Sunday: 5-7 miles easy

Most runs will still be done on trails, but I'm incorporating road and bike path routes too. The half-marathon will be on roads so I need to acclimate. I thought those road runs would be harder on my body. They aren't too bad. My mind suffers more than my legs.


Seth said...

Countdown starts today. When will the post 'Speed Kills' or 'Run How I Feel' be written next?

Chris Ⓥ said...

When I get injured. Now, all is glorious!

Anonymous said...

if you max out at 20% of your total minutes in HR above 144 you will be okay. since you're following a plan are you going to track the hard running to help keep you uninjured??

Chris Ⓥ said...

I track everything. Don't pay attention to much, but it's tracked.