Monday, May 30, 2016

2 Months to THE Marathon

I've got two months until my next marathon. Usually no big deal. I've run 101 ultras or marathons so far, but this one will be a bit different. It's my Boston qualifier. On July 31, I'll toe the line on a certified trail course. Yep, I plan on qualifying for Boston on a TRAIL course! That makes this attempt special. This old trail runner will qualify for that road marathon we call Boston by knocking out a fast time on a trail course. Stuff of dreams!

I just finished one solid month of training. Mixed trails with roads, but all of it has been at a relaxed aerobic pace. OK, there was that one Thursday trail run with the buffalo where I pushed it to tempo pace, but that was the exception. I'm following Joe Henderson's "Long Slow Distance" philosophy. Lots of easy running. Plus a rare fast effort or race. Things are going well with this new plan (or "non-plan"). No scheduled workouts, just running. Occasionally long. Simple.

With one month of good running behind me, I'm looking forward to another two months of the same. Same effort, but slightly faster paces. I'm committed. By marathon race day, I expect my marathon pace to feel slightly harder than easy. Just a little uncomfortable. I can carry that for 26.2 miles. I'm thinking a finish time of about 3:25. I won't be first...and I won't be last. I'll simply qualify for Boston. Simple, eh?

Once I qualify, then it'll be about 9 months to that OTHER marathon, Boston 2017!

NOTE: As a 50-54 year old male, I need a 3:30 to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Probably 3:27 to successfully register.

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