Thursday, July 7, 2016

24 days to Go: 5 Main Goals

I have just 24 days until my next marathon on July 31 in the Seattle area. This is my attempt to get into Boston. Can't do much training when you only have 24 days left, so I have prioritized my goals for the next 3.5 weeks.

Goal #1: Stay injury-free. I can't get injured. If I do, there is no time to recover and be ready for a marathon race. Key now is to not do anything stupid. No super fast runs. No super long runs. No super-anything! Don't try new things. Stay the course.

Goal #2: Stay healthy. I can't afford to get sick. If I come down with a minor cold, I can still rest and recover, but it will hurt my fitness. Basically, same rules apply to this goal as previous one--don't do anything stupid. Don't push too hard. Stay the course.

Goal #3: Inch my way toward marathon pace runs (~7:53 pace). Not too many, not too long, but I should get a couple in each week. I need to know what this pace feels like while running steadily. I need to make my body seem "OK" with this pace. With a month to go, this is the right time to shift toward marathon pace stuff. Rule of specificity.

Goal #4: One more long run. This coming weekend will be 3 weeks before the marathon. Perfect for ONE MORE LONG RUN. Not super long. Just your basic 17-18 miler. Hopefully in good weather. This will increase my confidence and also get the last training stimulus for fat-burning endurance.

Goal #5: Taper the last 3 weeks. Less overall mileage. Less long runs, but with a slight uptick in paces. After the long run, the focus needs to turn to rest, recovery, and building back overall fitness and sharpness. Nothing stupid.

Five goals. Simple. I can do this...right? Yes, it will be done.

PS: My brother, who was going to make this his first marathon, is now injured and out. Guess I'll represent the family. Let's make this a good race!

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