Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ultra/marathon 103 Was Not to Be

Yesterday was my 15th Howl at the Moon 8-hour ultra in Danville, IL. And it was supposed to be ultra/marathon #103. Unfortunately, it was not my day, and I stopped at 4 hours, 40 minutes at 23.03 miles. Not even a marathon...and certainly no ultra. Number 103 will have to wait...probably until Tunnel Hill 50 miler in November.

The day started off extremely humid with a thick layer of clouds. At times, we even had a mist in the air. Temperatures remained warm, but not oppressive. After about 3 hours, the sun started to poke out and it started to really feel warm. OK, hot. Before the sun made it's ugly appearance, my legs started to die. Felt a little like my last marathon...just 13 days earlier. In the marathon, I believe the hills caused the dead legs. At the Howl ultra, I believe the recent marathon caused my problems. Anyway, after walking a considerable amount of time, and still feeling dead, I called it a day. With the temps rising, and the sun starting to beat up the runners, I was done. It wasn't fun and I had no intention of "hanging in there" or "sticking it out" for another 3+ hours. It actually felt right to stop before hitting the marathon mark. I didn't deserve another ultra/marathon finish. Not today.

After I called it quits, I tried to pack up my gear, but my car had a completely dead battery--the trunk release wouldn't even open! After a kind jump start from a race volunteer, I packed up and drove home. Not my day.

Today I feel fine, but I know I need more recovery and less pressure to race. I need time to rest and relax. No more races in August or September. Just easy training. Maybe a fun short race in October, then the next ultra in November. Hopefully cooler temperatures will coincide with renewed training and racing.

Ultra/marathon 103 was not to be. But I'll be back. Ninety days to Tunnel Hill 50 miler.

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