Saturday, January 28, 2017

More Running = Better Runner

I really don't run that many miles. Even as an ultrarunner, I rarely average over 30 miles a week. On good weeks, I hit 40 miles. Those don't occur that often. If I want to be a better runner--both distance and speed--I need to run more. I have a basic plan for the first 4 months of 2017 (until Illinois Half-Marathon in late April). Here's the plan...

January: Average 25 miles/week
February: Average 30 miles/week
March: Average 35 miles/week
April: Average 40 miles/week

Simple, right? As the weather warms, and I slowly become more fit, I run more miles. More miles will equate to more aerobic fitness and faster aerobic speed. My races (5K to 100 miles) are mostly aerobic in nature. And the marathon and beyond distances are virtually 100% aerobic. Most of these miles will be at "conversational" pace with a touch of speed inserted for variety and chance to enhance lactate threshold and VO2max.

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