Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Clinton Lake Race Turns 11

The Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run turns 11 this weekend! Happy birthday to this fantastic event. Whomever started it back in 2007 had courage, passion, and vision. They knew how great the Clinton Lake Northfork trail would be for an ultra race. Nothing wrong with 33 small hills on each 10-mile loop. Repeat 3 times for the full ultra experience (and 99 hills). No need for an extra mile to make it a proper 50km race. On this course, 30 miles is enough. No need for a relay event to water down the true ultra vibe. No shorter companion race either. Ultramarathons draw a particular crowd. They are different (in a good way). Why dilute that intensity, and ultra community feeling, by offering shorter race alternatives? An ultra is an ultra. Done.

Congratulations, and gratitude, are deserved by all the race directors...past and present. And that race founder? The guy who started this whole thing in 2007? Special props! Good luck to all the racers this weekend. I'll be volunteering at the canoe aid station.

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