Sunday, April 9, 2017

13 Days to the Half-Marathon

I now have 13 days until I race 13 miles (+.1).

This weekend I did a 10-mile trail run at a moderate pace and an 11-mile trail run at an easy pace. I now have 13 days until the Illinois Half-Marathon! Am I ready? Not really. I hoped to set a new personal record (currently 1:32:35) at that race. I don't see that happening. I ran 13.1 miles last weekend on the trails in 1:49. If I was on flat roads in a race setting, I believe I'd run about 1 minute/mile faster. That would be a 1:36 half-marathon. With rest and sharpening between now and race day, maybe I could pull off a 1:35. Still not a new PR.

I am feeling stronger and faster every week. Maybe 2 weeks is enough to sharpen and be ready for a fast race. We'll see. If the race-day temperature is cool, with little sun or wind, maybe a personal best is possible. Hope springs eternal.

If I run a 1:38 half-marathon, that predicts a 3:27 marathon. That would get me to Boston! I'm fairly sure I can run a 1:38 (or faster) half-marathon. I predict a 1:35 or 1:36 on April 22. Then I train all summer and fall to run a solid marathon in October or November. Boston in 2018?

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