Friday, July 21, 2017

Standing Desk Help My Running?

Last week I got a convertible sitting/standing desk for my office.

It easily moves up or down with one quick adjustment. I've been standing about 4 hours per day (in ~1 hour intervals). I get tired! I think it'll help with my overall endurance and performance in ultra-marathons. "Time on feet" is a key training predictor of success for ultras. Well, I'm getting a lot more time on my feet every single day! I hope that after 4 weeks, I'll settle in and be acclimated to the standing so I don't feel as tired. Anyone have experience with standing desks and how it might impact your running? I've been a little more tired this week, but it could be the extreme heat and humidity. Or my 33-mile run last weekend. Or the darn standing desk! Time will tell. For now, I'm enjoying the new "toy" in my office. I've become a bit of a celebrity, or at least tourist attraction, with this standing desk. Staff sure are curious about anything new or different. Once I adjust to the standing, then it's time for a treadmill desk! Certainly walking all day at my desk would help my running, right?

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