Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why Pay $100+ for Running Shoes?

Truth for the day: runners buy a lot of stuff. Considering we basically only need a pair of shoes, shorts, and a shirt, we seem to purchase a ton of extra running-related gear. I'm no different. In addition to "running stuff," I also buy a lot of shoes. A real lot. Too many pairs. But I never pay $100 or more for a pair of running shoes. Truth be told, I once paid ~$150 for a pair of Hokas. Never again. I have migrated (for 5+ years) to Skechers Performance running shoes. They retail around $85-$110, but can always be found on sale somewhere on the web. I normally pay $55-$65. Sometimes less than $50. Three pairs for what I paid for one pair of Hokas! I simply don't understand how runners can pay so much for a pair of shoes. I rotate several Skechers models based on primary use (trail, easy, tempo, racing, etc). When they reach about 400 miles, I retire them to walking shoes. My current models are:

  • GoRun 5 (slightly faster runs, plus treadmill)
  • GoRun Ride 6 (everyday easy runs)
  • GoRun Ultra Road 2 (long runs, road or easy trails)
  • GoTrail 2 (trail stuff)
  • GoMeb Razor (tempo and races)

All of the Skechers shoes are relatively light-weight, flexible, with a wide toe box. Fairly low-drop and nicely cushioned. Plus inexpensive. What's not to like? Why pay more? If I save money on shoes, then I can buy more other running stuff. 

I'm not sponsored by Skechers, but if Meb and Kara want company as spokespeople, I am available!

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