Sunday, January 27, 2019

Riddle Run #20 (2019)

I "ran" the Riddle Run 28-Mile fun run yesterday. Sorta. Finished 3 loops for 12 miles. It was cold (-2F to start) and the trail was slick (snow and ice covered). It wasn't my day. Not really anyone's day. Only four finishers of the full 28 miles. Smaller turnout than usual too--around 30-35 starters. At least I maintained my 20 year run streak at this event. And so did Mr. Rice. We'll be back for #21 next year. Hopefully with warmer temperatures and more starters. Even if it's just me and Rice, it'll be worthwhile to toe the line. I now have accumulated 451 "Riddle Run miles" over the years. Special thanks to Mr. Riddle for returning to "direct" this fun run. I was extremely happy to abdicate my "race director" caretaker duties. For history buffs, here are all 20 years of Riddle Run winners.

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