Saturday, February 9, 2019

Stryd Power Foot Pod

I'm officially a power runner! My wife bought me a Stryd power foot pod yesterday (retails for $199). It's a cool little pod that attaches to your running shoe and it measures your power output (watts) as well as tons of other metrics (vertical oscillation, cadence, distance, form power, economy, run stress score, ground contact time, leg spring stiffness, plus a few more!) and it also tracks stats over time and calculates your strengths and weakness with suggestions for improvement. Their software has training plans, based on power rather than pace or heart rate, that can help you reach your race goals. It's only been 2 days (and 4 runs) so far, but I'm enjoying the data. Certainly need more experience and time to interpret what is useful (or not) and how to improve. According to Stryd, the pod/software will get to know me as more data accumulates. We shall see!

Wife also bought me the book "Run with Power" by Jim Vance. It should help me get the most out of this "power running" thing. I will have many more posts about my progress with the Stryd pod and power running. I can definitely see this helping with more disciplined race pacing based on power rather than feel, heart rate, or pace. It communicates with my Garmin 235 watch and auto syncs with Garmin, Strava, and the "Stryd Power Center" so it's pretty easy to set-up and access data.

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