Friday, April 19, 2019

Race Pace for the Illinois Half-Marathon?

Last week and this week I have added "race pace" runs into the mix. One problem. I'm not sure what my race pace will be for the actual race! My HMP training paces have been 7:15-7:30 minutes/mile. Here are my three goals for the race--A, B, C.

My A-goal is to run 1:36:30 and beat my niece who ran 1:36:32 a few weeks ago at her recent half-marathon. She's a lot younger than me and she's still got her high school and college track/cross country fitness. It won't be easy grabbing that finish time. But it's a goal. I'll try. It works out to a 7:22 pace per mile. A stretch, but possible. Maybe. Again, I'll try.

My B-goal is a 1:38:00 finish. That's 7:29 pace. Not much slower than 7:22, but enough that it could be a good back-up plan. Hang on to the 7:22 per mile pace as long as I can, then hold on to whatever gets me a 1:38 finish time.

My C-goal is a 1:39:59 finish. Break that 1:40 barrier. That's 7:39 minute/miles. Another 10 seconds slower than my B-goal. Seems very doable.  Easier said than done. If I break 1:40 that will be faster than last year when I ran 1:40:57 (7:43 pace). Kinda sad. I went out too hard last year (7:20 for first 2 miles). Miles 10-12 were all over 8:00 pace. That is a hard fade. Am I in better shape this year? A little. I have better endurance, not sure about speed. Hoping I can start around 7:25 pace and hold it for the full race with a kick in the last 1.1 mile.

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