Monday, May 25, 2020

Time Trials and Segment Smashing!

I'm not optimistic that we will have running races anytime this summer. Maybe in August? Maybe. So, what is a competitive runner like me supposed to do? I have two answers: Strava segments and time trials!

I have various Strava segments all over my small community. Trails, roads, and bike paths. Strava has leaderboards so why not see where I stand and try to beat my old times? Some of my best times are pretty weak...others are pretty darn fast. I think I can improve every single one of them. I think. I hope. I'll try! If nothing else, these will be opportunities to have some structured speed work at a variety of distances. My longest local segment (that I am interested in doing) is 9.2 miles. Shortest is 0.6 miles. I have "starred" these segments on my Strava account and will work my way up the leaderboard. Kudos to me.

Along with Strava segments, which allow me to compete with others, I will attempt time trials at 4 common distances to compete with my former self. I will attempt the following distances: 1 mile, 5km, 10km, and half-marathon. Actually, I already knocked off the 5K time trial with a  20:37 result. Fastest I've raced that distance in 2 years. I think I can do a little better...maybe close to 20:00 flat. For now, I consider that 5K time trial "sorta done" and I'm moving on to the 1-mile, 10K, and half-marathon. Here are my goals for all 4 distances before the end of summer (mid-August):

1-mile: 5:59
5K: 20:30
10K: 44:00
Half-marathon: 1:37:00

I think the 1-mile will be the hardest time goal. As a 54-year old ultra runner, speed scares me. 5ks are brutal enough. Too much intense burn. 1-mile seems ridiculous. I prefer the slow burn of a 50-mile race. I think the half-marathon will be my easiest goal. It requires stamina and endurance, but not all out speed. I can do that...let the kudos begin!

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