Monday, February 1, 2021

January 2021 Run Stats

In addition to tracking my yearly running statistics, I decided this year to track them monthly. No surprises! If I am "behind" on one metric, then I can plan to get back on track. January can be a tough month in central Illinois. Weather is often cold, windy, snowy, and icy. Glad I exceeded 100 miles and got in one ultramarathon! Hope to continue solid running through February. Shorter month, but I still need to break 100 miles. Would love to fit in another ultra or marathon. Once March arrives, weather is usually better and I can start ramping up the miles. 

Total Distance114.79 mi
Average Distance6.38 mi
Max Distance28.17 mi
Total Activity Time19:23 h:m
Avg Time1:04 h:m
Total Elev Gain5,531 ft
Average Pace10:08 min/mi
Average Heart Rate136 bpm
Average Run Cadence162 spm

Last year, I didn't run a single marathon or ultra. I already have one ultra for 2021. Happy. My average pace was rather slow, but that is due to the 28-mile ultra that was very slow and accounted for about 25% of my monthly miles! 

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