Sunday, July 10, 2022

2022 Last Man Standing (Backyard Ultra)

Yesterday, I ran 24.6 miles at our local "Backyard Ultra" at Lake of the Woods trails. The basic premise is all runners start together every hour, run the 4.1 mile loop, then repeat until only one runner is left standing. Thus, the "Last Man Standing" moniker. The weather was rather nice for July: sunny, high of 80F, with a slight breeze. Still humid, but not terrible.

We only had 9 local runners start at 7am. After the 5th loop (20.5 miles), only me and one other runner went out for loop 6. Sean and I ran together most of the loop and it was clear to me that I would not win. I was fading fast and had MAYBE one more loop in me after this 6th one. Might have pushed it and finished a slow 7th loop, but I was not motivated. And Sean would have simply run an 8th loop! I finished with 24.6 miles, Sean went one more and finished with 28.7 miles. He was the last man standing. At least I forced him to run an ultra!

I'm disappointed that I did not get an ultra out of this event, but it was a good effort considering my training. My last run over 13 miles was the Land Between the Lakes marathon on March 12. The last time I even ran 10 miles was June 11. Basically, I had no recent long runs for this event. And I twisted my ankle about 3 weeks ago which limited my training even more. Fortunately, my ankle held up fine during the race and feels OK today (the day after). I am sore everywhere, but no real pain. Speed kills, slow running heals. 

What went well? No stomach issues, no blisters, no chaffing. 

  • Tailwind sports drink (one 20oz bottle per loop)
  • UCAN drink (after loops 1 and 2)
  • Pringles chips (a few each loop)
  • SaltStick fast chews (one/loop)
  • One Honey Stinger stroopwafel
  • Two mini Payday bars
  • Pacing of about one loop every 50 minutes
  • Swap shoes after 2-3 loops

Changes for next time? Low energy and tired after 20 miles. 

  • Slightly more food/calories (especially UCAN and stroopwafels)
  • More long runs in training
My next long ultra-type race isn't until December (Clinton Lake Winter Solstice 30 miler). Next race is Mahomet 5K on August 6. A slow 24.6 miles is probably not the best preparation for a fast 5K. Time to do a little speed work. Not too much...speed kills. 

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