Thursday, September 1, 2022

August Run Stats: Not Sure

August was an interesting month. Not really sure if it was good or bad. I continued my shift from Stryd power running to a structured Galloway-Garmin Connect training program. Lots of walking with a variety of runs, drills, and strides. My runs have become shorter with more focus. Lots of quick drills that I never did before (cadence, gliders, hills). It's been a nice change, but I already feel restless and may move back to a self-coached Stryd power plan. Not yet, but soon. I will say the 400m Galloway repeats have kicked my butt! But everything else seems a bit too easy. Let's look at my August vs July running stats:

July 2022August 2022
Run Activities3225
Total Distance135.26 mi106.77 mi
Average Distance4.23 mi4.27 mi
Max Distance24.60 mi13.11 mi
Total Activity Time23:26 h:m18:26 h:m
Avg Run Time43:57 m:s44:16 m:s
Total Elev Gain5,243 ft3,189 ft
Average Pace10:24 /mi10:22 /mi
Average Heart Rate128 bpm122 bpm
Average Run Cadence158 spm158 spm

Not a bunch of improvement in the basic statistics. I did run the Mahomet 5K and took 9th place overall and first in age group! That counts for something. And it was a better finish time (22:20) than the same race last year (23:30). I have the Aruna 5K race at the University of Illinois arboretum on Sept 24. It's on grass with several hills. Probably a slower finish, but maybe similar effort and placing? I'll continue the Galloway plan at east through the Aruna race. Then reflect on training and plan for the future. No injuries, no illness, and one good 5K effort. I'll take it for the month of August. 

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