Thursday, December 15, 2022

November Running Stats: Much Better!

November was a good month of running. Nothing very special, but consistent running without injury or illness. I'll take it! Getting longer trail runs at Clinton Lake and Allerton helped boost the mileage and elevation gain. Need more of those runs. Only had one race--the Rattlesnake Master 5K (21:22, 1st age group, 6th overall). It was my 5th 5K in 4 months. Not bad for an old ultrarunner. Now I focus on ultras: Winter Solstice 30 miler (Dec 21) and Riddle Run 28 miler (Jan 28). 

Oct 2022Nov 2022
Run Activities2429
Total Distance92.68 mi123.11 mi
Average Distance3.86 mi4.25 mi
Max Distance9.87 mi11.47 mi
Total Activity Time15:26 h:m21:01 h:m
Avg Run Time38:37 m:s43:30 m:s
Total Elev Gain4,508 ft6,827 ft
Average Pace10:00 /mi10:15 /mi
Average Heart Rate126 bpm126 bpm
Average Run Cadence163 spm161 spm

With the longer and hillier trail runs, my average pace slowed. I need to work on keeping my hard-earned speed. Strides, cadence drills, hill repeats, and tempo runs need to be part of the training mix all winter. No need for any 5K races or track workouts. Hard to develop speed, easier to maintain it! 

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